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Η περίληψη της εισήγησής μας

13, Μαρτίου, 2013

«The psychologist’s personal social practice: structuring the neoliberal incosistencies in the «flow» of everyday life.»

Youli Tsirtoglou, social-clinical psychologis,

Electra Anagnostopoulou , developmental psychologist,

Private practice, cooperative partnership “Psychi Logos EpiKinonia”, Athens, Greece

Our intention to reflect on the psychologist’s personal social practice through the development of neoliberalization in Greece on the one hand and our working as partners on the other served as the common ground for this joint venture. However, taking a first person perspective designated also the discrete meanings under which each one of us objectifies her personal social practice.

For Youli the main focus is to address the various and precarious meanings along with the frequently contradictory possibilities through which the psychologist aspires to compose the components of the following dual intention in a meaningful, “multivocal and not-fragmented” personal social practice: on the one hand to work properly as a provider of “(psycho)therapy” to the people applying for it in order to structure and perform their reasons for action; on the other hand to realize her life interests as an agent participating in multiple “collectively dynamic contexts” (family, friendships, partnerships, communal initiatives, and socially committed practices). For Electra, though, what serves as a point of departure is the psychologist’s direct financial reward by the “client” and its meaning for the therapeutic relation as an inter-subjective encounter of providing, requesting and receiving. In this respect she reflects upon her personal social practice mediated by the following dialectic process and its everyday inconsistencies: acting as “a responsible facilitator” of the therapeutic relation’s potential on the one hand and on the other hand “dealing with the reasons” stemming from her perspective in practice. Nevertheless, both us discuss our perspectives as indicative scenes of the psychologist’s conduct of life as a collective subject.

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